Clyde Bryson

Rookie - 266 Points [Lost River] (December 19,1951 / Burley Idaho)

Clyde Bryson Quotes

  • ''If you were a victim of abuse, when you were a child, and you do not apply that history as an adult, then the next victim of abuse is your child''
    History repeats itself
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  • ''The choice that you make
    Will give you that what is over
    Even if you didn't think about it at the time''
    marriage and love choices
  • ''My friends, that road that leads to Hell cannot be seen with your eyes. Because that road can only be found within the confines of your heart.''
    Why abuse is strong
  • ''History has the power to change the destination for the victims of abuse, however it is the victim that must apply the change.....''
    So many of victims that come from abusive families never understand this statement
  • ''Abusers always use denial as their assistant, to control their victims.''
    So many victims of abuse always use denial as their coping mechanism......
  • ''If you want a good family, treat them as you would need them forever...So that they would need you forever....''
    Love must be your priority... C.F. Lewis one said remember your acts of kindness and love are far more important than anything...anyone else does....
  • ''Our purpose of life is defined by our faith in what we believe in...Such as honesty, hard work, Jesus, kindness love, eternal family, mercy, compassion, forgiveness..''
    We live what we are?
  • ''The purpose of this creation of this world
    Is to experience this life, to live as a family, or even an eternal family. so that we can live by love and faith to become like God.''
    Love and family
  • ''All behavior for all of us is either good or bad. It is however that behavior, your behavior that determines my presence. It is at the same time my behavior that determines your presence.''
    Bad behavior
  • ''When you loose someone that you truly love. You will then see and understand when you witness that in someone else.''
    only true love understand the loss.

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Best Poem of Clyde Bryson

Breaking Unbreakable Bars

Yes it's true I choose
To dream an impossible dream
To fight an unbeatable foe
To go back to that valley of sorrow
Where all brave fear and dare not to go

To change,
An unchangable wrong
For Love that burns as a star
To fight when I'm so tired so weary
To break unbreakable bars

For this is my plan to follow that love
No matter how hopeless no matter how hard
To fight for the right things without question or pause
To fight that evil
For love there is no greater cause

Also because I know that
For love to be true
One must ...

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After Nights

I've hated to talk about it,
but there has been so many after nights.
I've needed to work out, one more story.

Trying to end, my often very sad's.
Another one, of mine, the most incredibly bad's!

My heart, was shaking as I knelt on the ground.
My hands, were pressing his wounds.

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