Clyde Watanabe

Biography of Clyde Watanabe

The desire to write never manifested itself until recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2005. A need to collect my thoughts and feelings to pass on to my family and inspirations of my faith in God gave birth to my journey of writing.

Today, the Christian Poet and his family serve the poor and needy on the streets of Oklahoma City each week. Some of his current poetry reflect upon this journey.

Life is such a journey. From Hawaii to Los Angeles, Ca to Bakersfield, Ca to Yukon, Ok. From childhood days of school, bowling and fishing to college and work and travel. From searching and wondering to a place of security, hope, and peace.

May the inspirations of my pen be a reflection of love, mercy, and grace and bring a reader's heart in touch with my loving God.

Clyde Watanabe's Works:

Inspirations of Grace, Tate Publishing 2008 Updates

A World In Disguise

You just caught a glimpse of reality spoken
softly whispered for years to your ears
Somehow deafened by the calls of your world
a voice now murmurs deep in your heart
What is now just beginning to start?

Something stirring deep inside
makes you want to reach outside
The eyes of that heart have now opened up

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