Coco Nitty AKA Peter Cloutier

Rookie (December 17th,1990 / Quebec, Canada)

Biography of Coco Nitty AKA Peter Cloutier

I briefly started writing poetry about 6 years ago when I was in grade 10, and posted them on this site under a different name ( .
Since then I've gotten older and a lot's happened... I'm currently feeling like I've hit a rut in my life with no job and no girlfriend. I've thought about making music, and I've recorded a couple of songs, but I don't got the lungs or voice for music either.
So now I've decided that I'm going to start writing poetry again so that people can read some of the poetic sides of life I was trying to get through music.
My only hopes is that I can fill an eBook with 100 poems (Thats a goal of mine.) and that people like my poems.

~~Coco Nitty~~
~~Peter Cloutier~~
~~2013~~ Updates

The Fog

I can hardly remember,
When I remembered at all,
Right now it's December,
A year ago it was fall.

Everywhere I go,
I make a friend everyday,
I don't really know,
What they want me to say.

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