Cody A. Buckmaster

Rookie (November 4th,1994 / California)

Biography of Cody A. Buckmaster

My name is Cody A. Buckmaster. I am a struggling teenager that is trying to look for guidance. I have loved and lost, just like the rest of us. I love to write poems and quotes. There are these feelings that just rush through my body. I have to let them out somehow, and I think its by writing it all down. Please rate and comment my poems or quotes. Let me know the truth. Am I a good poet? Updates


You know You don't really know what you've got until you loose it.
You lay in bed one day and it all hits you like a shot gun blast to the face.
You think that your invincible until that one day comes.
The love of your life Rips your heart out of your chest.
The love of your life will step and spit on that heart.
Until they realize how much your hurt.
They end it by tossing that heart into the trash along with your pride.
Love is lost and will never be found again.

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