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I write What I feel an i hope people can relate to what i write. An if you see a grammar error or something i missed please feel free to tell me so i can make changes to my poems.
And if you have a xbox live account feel free to look me up its: Mogly2493.
Have nice day to you all :)
I'm also in a screamo band that I play guitar and screamo vocals for and also write the music for. So check us out :) sometime if your into that type of music.

Cody Christiansen's Works:

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What Can Love Bring

Every day I wish for love,
but what can love bring but sadness and pain,
so I'll cry myself to sleep knowing the one I love broke a heart that she will never get again.
As tears would rain down upon the earth
I would cut my wrists to release a pain that will never go away.
So days will come and days will go
as my blood drains away
and so a life that was once torn will soon leave a world without a word of love.
Now you know a story that was once made of love

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