Cody O'Hara

Rookie (June 30th,1994)

Biography of Cody O'Hara

I am a strange, fun loving person who loves to read, write, tell stories, crack jokes, and live my life with a passion. I am still very much an amateur artist and hope to improve my skills for the rest of my life, and hopefully one day develop my own artistic style. I love to create poetry and digital art, but don't ask me to draw anything by hand (the horror!) . My favorite moments are with my awesome friends both on and offline, and I am always looking for new friends so if you move your cursor on over to the 'friend' button!

I support equality through understanding and compassion, not through force or law.

I am religious, but I do not formally worship and I try to learn from all cultures and religions from around the world.

I enjoy being silly, but a joke is never worth the value of a friendship.

I try my best to hold a tolerant outlook on life and not judge a book by its cover, race, sex, sexual orientation, religious preferences, personal beliefs, etc. should not keep us apart.

I believe in absurdity

If you like my poetry come check out my deviant art page! : D http: // Updates

Hanging Feet

Hanging my feet
Over the edge
Of the dock

Below me
An endless abyss
Black and terrible

How beautiful
It is really, here
Above the abyss

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