Cody Simpson

Rookie (April 26,1985 / Farmington, MO)

Biography of Cody Simpson

I'd like to think I've been a poet for a long time, although that's debatable. At any rate, I'm a writer of many things: fiction, essays, philosophy, and obviously poetry. I hail from southeastern Missouri, a section of the world that not suprisingly doesn't produce many poets. I'd like to think that my work is fairly mature for a twenty-two year old, but I guess time will tell on that matter. I hope you enjoy my poetry.

Cody Simpson's Works:

None so far (besides the e-book on here) . I'm currently working on a book that I hope to have finished in the next year. Updates

Beyond Death...

I often wonder what is beyond life.
Is there no hope beyond this deadly strife?
Must our death come bearing its arctic knife?
Does that icy fist make your trembling rife?

What have all those who have gone before found?
Is there no secret that goes in the ground?
Do you find silence or just walls of sound?
Must we be to cruel mortality bound?

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