Cody Sky

Rookie (07/04/89 / Denver, Colorado)

Biography of Cody Sky

I am 18 years of age. i'm originally from Denver Colorado, But grew up in Phoenix Arizona. I never met my father he left me as a child, i basically raised myself, my mother been on drugs for as far as i can remember she was never around much. My older brother is in prison, i also have a little brother who a am trying to take care of at the moment. i also have two other brothers and a sister that i never met. Iplay guitar, i'm in a band, i write songs almost everyday. Thats mainly my only hobby, I am a vet tech at a place called Animal Kingdom. My name is Cody Sky, ..Thats my story Updates

My Fault She's Gone

it's my fault she's gone,
i held in my life anger for far to long,
i thought i could release it with her,
i thought wrong,

it's my fault she's gone,
i fought to much,
i scared her away,
now she's gone,

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