Colin Coplin

Rookie - 107 Points (Australia)

Biography of Colin Coplin

Our time is but a moment. What we do with that moment is what makes us real. I enjoy writing about the events and people that come into our lives, who touch us and impact us in some way, for better or for worse. We are all blessed with the gift of life, make yours worthwhile.

My work is a reflection of life, love and social issues that form my moment in time. A simple snapshot captured in words. I hope I have done them justice in expressing them. I hope you find them worthwhile.

All poems/lyrics are Copyright Colin Coplin

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Daddy's Got A Woman

Daddy’s got a woman that makes him feel right
Tell mummy I love her and I won’t be home tonight
Daddy’s got a woman that makes him feel right

A man he's got needs, a man's got passions too
A man he's got dreams, that he needs to work through
A man he's got hopes, someday will come true
A man he needs love, the same love he gives to you

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