Colin Wongk

Rookie [the lost soul]

Biography of Colin Wongk

yeeeeaaaaa my poems suck! ! ! but they are the best i got like it or not! this is my passion, these crooked words on paper are all thing that make me...well me! so love them or hate them. reject them or reject me, i'm proud of what i write....however i'd be grateful if you'd help me(make them better) Updates

The Flame

It starts
A single flicker on the kindling of our emotions
It burns oh so smoothly
So smoothly that I don't even notice the heat
It's the burning of the embers of my hearts as thing begin to start
They burn in my heart scaring the tissue and searing the flesh
My heart is angry at a state of unrest, a sea of flames that rages at best
Some fish jump out high as solar flare! Only to be caught in a another's snare, yet so unaware
Its only fire here

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