Colleen Wright

Rookie (Central west of New South Wales, Australia.)

Biography of Colleen Wright

I have lived in the country and along the coast of 'the lucky country', Australia, and been blessed to have had many various experiences.
Currently I am living on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.
As a result I have grown to appreciate the earth, people, animals, and plants etc, of which I believe we so often take far too much for granted.
Poetry is a wonderful form of expression and communication, and something of which has given me, and others much pleasure.
I am most grateful to our creator for all I have been given.
I dedicate my poetry to my three wonderful children, their familes, those closest to me, and my precious and much valued friends [you as readers also - thank you! ] who have inspired and encouraged me to write many of my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
To all - enjoy life, see the good, feel for those less fortunate and be happy.
Colleen Wright. T.G. Updates

For Joseph

A new vessel has not character nor history,
however, an older one has wisdom and leaves mystery.

The worn and cracked vessel will dropp water for the seed to grow,
but the glossy new vessel will not yet have love nor a story to show.

As with an aged wine, maturity shows strength and character,
does the human being grow to have that most important factor.

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