Colleen Wright

Biography of Colleen Wright

I have lived in the country and along the coast of 'the lucky country', Australia, and been blessed to have had many various experiences.
Currently I am living on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.
As a result I have grown to appreciate the earth, people, animals, and plants etc, of which I believe we so often take far too much for granted.
Poetry is a wonderful form of expression and communication, and something of which has given me, and others much pleasure.
I am most grateful to our creator for all I have been given.
I dedicate my poetry to my three wonderful children, their familes, those closest to me, and my precious and much valued friends [you as readers also - thank you! ] who have inspired and encouraged me to write many of my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
To all - enjoy life, see the good, feel for those less fortunate and be happy.
Colleen Wright. T.G. Updates


I sense the gum leaves from fresh country air
I sense your nearness when you're not there.
I sense the favourite foods you like to eat,
I sense the paddocks of harvested wheat.

This is how you sense me.
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I see you happy - I see you smile