Collette Anderson Williams

Freshman - 983 Points [Landy/Cacao deCœur/EVA/The Amaranthine Pen]

Collette Anderson Williams Poems

41. Unspoken Spoken Words 5/5/2017
42. Do You? 5/5/2017
43. Smoking The Cancer Weed 5/5/2017
44. He Almost Loved Me 5/5/2017
45. Almost Over You 5/5/2017
46. Only For A Moment 5/5/2017
47. Missing Home 5/5/2017
48. The Journey 5/5/2017
49. Speak Of Forgiveness 5/5/2017
50. Forever I Love You 5/5/2017

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Where The Ocean Kisses The Heavens

I sat beneath the golden sun
Which warmed my troubled frame -
On that hill looking beyond the valley
At leaves so green and rich with life.

Around me the trees whispered sweet melody
As the wind stroke their musical chords.
Birds joined in like a choir
Singing notes which made the heavens ring.

Further a yonder, my eyes caught the ocean -
Sitting peacefully blue as if to calm my worried mind.
The ocean, the green shrubs, the wind -
All meted out by such Awesome Hands.

Alas! Life for me was renewed.
This was made for ME - all filled with ...

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My Poison, My Passion

My very essence
I would give to you.
You ignite every fibre
of my being
and leave such
insatiable desires within me.

Can one love so intensely -
releasing unfathomable

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