Collette Anderson Williams

Freshman - 980 Points [Landy/Cacao deCœur/Elle Victoria Amaranthine]

Collette Anderson Williams Poems

41. Speak Of Forgiveness 5/5/2017
42. Forever I Love You 5/5/2017
43. Stone Heart 4/27/2017
44. Take A Look At Me Now 4/21/2017
45. Old Friend, You Are Forever Young 6/9/2016
46. The Joy Of A New Day 9/12/2015
47. Dancing To Your Music 4/21/2017
48. Where The Ocean Kisses The Heavens 9/12/2015
49. Speechless 4/21/2017
50. When The Pain No Longer Hurts 9/12/2015
Best Poem of Collette Anderson Williams

When The Pain No Longer Hurts

His hand outstretched,
as he tugged the tail
of her garb.
He gently yanked her to
his bosom -
then with his arms,
he enveloped her.
Such warm embrace
she had long forgotten -
and it was there that he held her
for moments long...

Then suddenly,
his emotions became shades
of black and white -
his trusting notions became
like quicksand and struck
like deadly flashes of lightning,
while he lunged his firm hand
through the cavity
that housed her soul.

Firmly, he gripped her bare essence -
exhausting the mere breath of ...

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The Joy Of A New Day

Yesterday you looked in the mirror
and gazed at what you were
deceived to deem as nothing!
You had given others the stamp of approval
to trample you all over -
to use you,
to abuse you!

Yesterday you sanctioned them

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