Collette Anderson Williams

Freshman - 983 Points [Landy/Cacao deCœur/EVA/The Amaranthine Pen]

Collette Anderson Williams Quotes

  • ''Today, someone wants to embrace you; someone is waiting to love you.''
    Collette Y. Anderson Williams
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  • ''Oh, how quick and easily influenced we have become in relaxing our morals, values and ethics. Our subtle quests to pull down the old landmark that has nurtured us is detrimental. It is damaging - not only to us, but to our present generations and those to come. The benchmark was set in place to mold, guide and protect us - not to punish or to destroy us.''
    Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''Be the heart that builds bridges - not walls.''
    ~ Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''Oh, new birth, where art thou! ? My heart awaits you. Come thou quickly, for my spirit threatens to fail me!''
    ~ Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''Being mentally enslaved is likened to being imprisoned by someone else's constant scrutiny.''
    ~ Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''Sometimes the journey is not meant for others to understand. Thus, they were never meant to take the trip with you.''
    ~ Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''You never truly know the capacity of your strength, until that very moment it is required of you.''
    Collette Y. Anderson Williams
  • ''No-one can read our thoughts, but if our words cannot be kind, then we should keep them to ourselves - this includes what we utter under our breaths.''
    ~ Collette Y. Anderson Williams

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Best Poem of Collette Anderson Williams

When The Pain No Longer Hurts

His hand outstretched,
as he tugged the tail
of her garb.
He gently yanked her to
his bosom -
then with his arms,
he enveloped her.
Such warm embrace
she had long forgotten -
and it was there that he held her
for moments long...

Then suddenly,
his emotions became shades
of black and white -
his trusting notions became
like quicksand and struck
like deadly flashes of lightning,
while he lunged his firm hand
through the cavity
that housed her soul.

Firmly, he gripped her bare essence -
exhausting the mere breath of ...

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Cry Me A River

Thundering emotions fill my heart
In the quest to find true answers.
I bear my pain in bittersweet anguish
waiting for you -
to cry me a river.

The ‘forever times' continue to go by
Whilst I sit patiently and stealthily -
hoping to caress your heart

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