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Connie Marcum Wong Poems

41. Rain 3/21/2014
42. Blue (Etheree) 1/25/2012
43. Luna's Light (Constanza) 8/3/2011
44. In Grief’s Grip 8/5/2009
45. On This Memorial Day 8/5/2009
46. Clouds Merge With Lotus (Haiku) 8/21/2013
47. Ode To Autumn 11/9/2013
48. Celestial Shades 9/29/2014
49. Reiki Music 10/7/2014
50. Autumn Gold 10/19/2014
51. The Crocodile Hunter (Acrostic) 10/5/2014
52. Days Of Autumn 9/22/2011
53. American Spirit 10/17/2007
54. Freedoms 11/24/2014
55. African Dawn 5/2/2007
56. Amber Autumn (Sonnet) 8/5/2009
57. Dominion (Constanza) 1/27/2008
58. Crystal Rain 8/21/2009
59. Harmonious Relations 8/5/2009
60. Ballet Is Poetry 9/19/2012
61. Erin Go Bragh 3/21/2014
62. The Islands Of Hawaii 8/21/2009
63. Inspiration 1/27/2008
64. First Snow (Haibun) 11/22/2015
65. Pele, Goddess Of Fire 8/21/2009
66. Ode To Nature 10/14/2011

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Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you glorious Sun,
You instinctively know what must be done.
I bask in your warmth to gain energy;
Marvel how you raise up each plant and tree.

You, gracious Moon ever watchful at night
Even aware when your eye is closed tight.
You sway our emotions, also the sea;
Cause turmoil at times or tranquility.

I love you Earth and all of your creatures.
There's joy in knowing you are our teacher.
I will to treat you with respect and care
And pray that the world will become aware

When we poison you, we poison us too;
Keeping you ...

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Dominion (Constanza)

Point of reference never came.
I waited eons just to see
The clever end of destiny.

To me it always looks the same...
Though gender changes time to time,
Salacious souls we re-define.

The numbers tell what's in the name.

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