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Connie Webb Poems

81. Raising Teens 3/24/2006
82. Remembering Him 8/26/2006
83. Saying Good-Bye To My Therapist 7/18/2006
84. Self-Worth 1/5/2013
85. Solitude 4/11/2006
86. Something Profound To Say 4/13/2007
87. Spring Rain In Northern California 4/2/2006
88. Spring's Almost Here 4/9/2006
89. Standing Up For Myself 1/7/2009
90. Still 4/15/2006
91. Strength 4/11/2010
92. That One Word 11/5/2009
93. That Voice 2/3/2010
94. The Bone Density Test 4/4/2006
95. The Christmas Wrapping Paper 3/28/2006
96. The Last Poem? 3/31/2007
97. The Mother's Day Plant 5/6/2006
98. The Mushrooms 3/25/2006
99. The Smiling Path 1/26/2008
100. The Suitor 3/24/2006
101. Time, Time, Where Is It Going? 10/28/2009
102. To Believe 2/2/2008
103. Trains And A Great Uncle 4/2/2006
104. Under The Influence Of Nature 4/8/2006
105. Valentine's Isn'T Just For Lovers 2/14/2008
106. Was That Rainbow Placed There By You? 6/26/2008
107. We Will Not Lose Hope 4/17/2006
108. What Is Enough? 3/26/2006
109. When I'M Gone 8/18/2008
110. When You Were Born 4/15/2006
111. Who Is Right? 5/27/2008
112. Who Is The Best? 4/17/2006
113. Who Will Save Us? 2/27/2008
114. You Meet The Criteria 4/11/2006
Best Poem of Connie Webb


When the pain ended and the last tears fell,
And I got out of my living and bitter hell,
I found a strength as strong as steel,
This strength I found is surely real.

I found a strength to hold onto,
To help me out,
To make it through,
This strength I found deep inside,
From this strength I will not hide.

I will carry it with me night and day,
This strength sure does have a way,
Of cheering me and making me glad,
I found the strength I one time didn’t have.

So now when sadness comes about,
When my mind is filled with doubt,

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Just For Fun

Just for fun
Just sitting around doing nothing
Having no worries, no responsibilities
No school
Just cartoons
And sugar cereal
Just cartoons
And more sugar cereal with extra sugar on it

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