Connie Webb

Connie Webb Poems

81. Raising Teens 3/24/2006
82. Remembering Him 8/26/2006
83. Saying Good-Bye To My Therapist 7/18/2006
84. Self-Worth 1/5/2013
85. Solitude 4/11/2006
86. Something Profound To Say 4/13/2007
87. Spring Rain In Northern California 4/2/2006
88. Spring's Almost Here 4/9/2006
89. Standing Up For Myself 1/7/2009
90. Still 4/15/2006
91. Strength 4/11/2010
92. That One Word 11/5/2009
93. That Voice 2/3/2010
94. The Bone Density Test 4/4/2006
95. The Christmas Wrapping Paper 3/28/2006
96. The Last Poem? 3/31/2007
97. The Mother's Day Plant 5/6/2006
98. The Mushrooms 3/25/2006
99. The Smiling Path 1/26/2008
100. The Suitor 3/24/2006
101. Time, Time, Where Is It Going? 10/28/2009
102. To Believe 2/2/2008
103. Trains And A Great Uncle 4/2/2006
104. Under The Influence Of Nature 4/8/2006
105. Valentine's Isn'T Just For Lovers 2/14/2008
106. Was That Rainbow Placed There By You? 6/26/2008
107. We Will Not Lose Hope 4/17/2006
108. What Is Enough? 3/26/2006
109. When I'M Gone 8/18/2008
110. When You Were Born 4/15/2006
111. Who Is Right? 5/27/2008
112. Who Is The Best? 4/17/2006
113. Who Will Save Us? 2/27/2008
114. You Meet The Criteria 4/11/2006
Best Poem of Connie Webb

Mom And Time

When I was a girl
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
I wish she would stop telling me
What to do!

When I was a teen
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She won’t let me stay out
Late at night!

When I was a young adult
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She keeps calling me and wanting to talk
All the time!

Now that she is gone
I wish she would tell me what to do
Tell me to not stay up so late
Call me and talk for hours
And I lied
My mom was not so mean
She was being a mom
And showing she cared
Mom, I love ...

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The Suitor

There once was a cat from the city
Who met a fine looking kitty
He said to she
“Shall we have tea?
My dear you sure are quite pretty.”

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