Conor McMahon

Rookie (5th of January 1993 / Dublin)

Biography of Conor McMahon

I mainly do acting and stand-up, but recently venured into the wierd and wonderful world of poetry. I wouldn't quite consider myself as a 'poet', as such. This stuff is mainly used as part of my stand-up act.

'I'm not a poet,
From what I've heard;
I'm just an eccentric,
Who's never short a word.'

Conor McMahon's Works:

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Donna's Party

Let me tell you the tale of one faithful nights,
We ventured to Donna's to our delight.
We arrived at eight, dared not be late,
For drink was brought by the crate.

To her garden we had to go,
We were staying in tents, don't you know.
Greeted were we to a great display,
Sure when we go to Donna's, that's always the way.

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