Conor McMahon

Rookie (5th of January 1993 / Dublin)

Biography of Conor McMahon

I mainly do acting and stand-up, but recently venured into the wierd and wonderful world of poetry. I wouldn't quite consider myself as a 'poet', as such. This stuff is mainly used as part of my stand-up act.

'I'm not a poet,
From what I've heard;
I'm just an eccentric,
Who's never short a word.'

Conor McMahon's Works:

'Adorned With Flowers! : an attempt at a blog' Updates

An Irish Name

John could be an Australian,
With a shiny gold tooth;
Michael could be a tractor driver,
From Beirut;
Tommy could be a father of two,
From Tennessee.

But Pascal's always Irish,
That's a guarantee.

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