Conrad Potter Aiken

[Conrad Aiken] (5 August 1889 – 17 August 1973 / Savannah, Georgia)

Conrad Potter Aiken Poems

121. Bread And Music 12/16/2014
122. White Nocturne 1/8/2015
123. Chiaroscuro: Rose 1/3/2003
124. The House Of Dust: Part 03: 09: Cabaret 1/1/2004
125. Chance Meetings 4/13/2010
126. Annihilation 4/13/2010
127. Beloved, Let Us Once More Praise The Rain 1/1/2004
128. The House Of Dust: Part 03: 13: The Half-Shut Doors Through Which We Heard That Music 1/1/2004
129. Music I Heard 1/1/2004
130. The Grasshopper 4/13/2010
131. Discordants 1/3/2003
132. All Lovely Things 1/3/2003
Best Poem of Conrad Potter Aiken

All Lovely Things

All lovely things will have an ending,
All lovely things will fade and die,
And youth, that's now so bravely spending,
Will beg a penny by and by.

Fine ladies soon are all forgotten,
And goldenrod is dust when dead,
The sweetest flesh and flowers are rotten
And cobwebs tent the brightest head.

Come back, true love! Sweet youth, return!--
But time goes on, and will, unheeding,
Though hands will reach, and eyes will yearn,
And the wild days set true hearts bleeding.

Come back, true love! Sweet youth, remain!--
But goldenrod and daisies...

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Morning Song Of Senlin

It is morning, Senlin says, and in the morning
When the light drips through the shutters like the dew,
I arise, I face the sunrise,
And do the things my fathers learned to do.
Stars in the purple dusk above the rooftops
Pale in a saffron mist and seem to die,
And I myself on a swiftly tilting planet
Stand before a glass and tie my tie.
Vine leaves tap my window,

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