Cordell Rich

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Cordell Rich Poems

1. On The Porch Without You 8/31/2008
2. Under The Table 9/2/2008
3. When We First Met 12/22/2008
4. Are You Mad At Me 12/22/2008
5. Angels Sonnet 12/22/2008
6. Embrace The Fall 1/21/2009
7. Beast Haiku 12/22/2008
8. Tenshi Or Icarus - Aquarelle 12/22/2008
9. I Appear The Stranger 3/22/2009
10. My Every Breath 3/22/2009
11. You Are The Reason 9/10/2012
12. Dead Angels 9/24/2012
13. Love Is Cruel And Unkind. 9/1/2008
14. Do You Think Me Mad 9/26/2008
15. Her Kiss 8/30/2008
16. You Didnt Think So 12/22/2008
17. Winters Prayer 1/21/2009
18. Are Birds Afraid To Fall 9/11/2012
19. Cerberus The Abuser 9/10/2012
20. Please Don'T 7/27/2007
21. Never 7/27/2007
22. My Fire 7/27/2007
23. Puddles Of Madness 8/30/2008
24. And I Go On 8/30/2008
25. The Snowflake And The Candle 8/30/2008
Best Poem of Cordell Rich

The Snowflake And The Candle

Candles sizzle and pop
In an angry and desperate struggle.

Each snowflake fights and leans
To avoid the searing heat.

Until the two should collide
in one last desperate battle.

The candle anchored to its moorings
With only a wick to do its bidding.

The snowflakes path of freedom
form sea to sky to its chilly plunge.

The snowflakes gentle fall last lifted
By the hot and raising winds of fate.

One last hopeful tumble follows
Ten thousand feet of thoughtless dancing.

Then crackle or pop
As well as it may suite ...

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My Fire

I have been lonely before.
Listing between friends.
Going through the motions again and again.
Adding the moments together,
like salty drops of tears in a bitter pool.
Living a life of tepid comfort.
Without passion, fire, flame.
Like a man in a cold room
Warm and wrapped in a blanket

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