Corey Baker

Rookie (1984 / 'Lowell, Mass.')

Biography of Corey Baker

Corey Baker poet

'I'm not like them, but I can can pretend. The sun is gone, but I have a light. The day is done, but I'm having fun. I think I'm dumb. Maybe just happy.'

-Kurt Donald Cobain

(Some of these poems were originally written when I was going through a 'I hate life, I hate myself' era, the ones in all lowercase are downers, for some reason I do that. Don't just read one either, if you do, you might not like the aftertaste.)

Children are future,
Corey Baker

Corey Baker's Works:

'The NeverBeginning Story'
(Working the kinks out with Disney) Updates


Clone the children, they're better that way
Clone the children, now they can pray

My world is unaffected

Clone the god, its best when it sighs
Clone the god, it's all inserted lies

My world is unaffected

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