Corey Mason

Rookie (September 1st,1991)

Corey Mason Poems

1. Through My Eyes 4/21/2009
2. Dear Friend 4/21/2009
3. As I Dream 4/21/2009
4. …but Yet I Love You 4/21/2009
5. My Prince Charming 4/21/2009
6. Daddy 4/21/2009
7. Near To You 4/21/2009
8. My Dear Ebonies 4/21/2009
9. Inside My Head 4/21/2009
10. Memories 5/3/2009
11. Little Girl In The Window 5/3/2009
12. War 5/3/2009
13. Heaven's Wind 4/21/2009
14. Mayo 4/21/2009
15. Tainted Death 4/21/2009
16. A Wish 4/21/2009
17. Angel 4/21/2009
18. High School 5/22/2009
19. Root Beer 5/22/2009
20. My World 5/22/2009
21. Buddy 5/22/2009
22. I’m Sorry 5/22/2009
23. Look Up 9/26/2009
24. I Offer You My Heart 4/13/2010
25. Strangers In The Hall 5/26/2009
26. Ode To Math Class 4/21/2009
27. What You Don'T See 5/3/2009

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Best Poem of Corey Mason

What You Don'T See

She'll laugh around you
She'll act all happy
But deep down inside
She is dying
She comes to school all happy and full of life
Talking to you, laughing with you
Never leting you see her scars
You may think nothing bugs her
You are wong
She's in the dark
Cutting and crying
She's torn every picture
She's broken every mirror
She's bleeding for you
Bleeding because of you
She shows not this tormenting hurt
But her mask of false smiles
All her joy is fake
Just for you, her little love
If you look at this girl
Look long and hard
Look when...

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I stood lonesome,

Starring out of my lost world,

People pass by me

Making crude remarks

One stared at my hollowness

Gaping at how I stayed

But I stood in loneliness

Starring back at the menu


If I should get the mayo too

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