I started writing stories when I was seven but I didn't have much of a great vocabulary but I had/have a perfect imagination so set out a goal I made to learn more languages so I learned Spanish and I'm still learning Chinese & Japanese when I turned nine my step father and my father were/are into rap and they rap with their friends so I thought it was cool so I wrote a couple of raps but still with a kinda limited vocab I was limited with my rhymes but people always told me I had a great vocabulary because I avoid cuss words in my language because I think its kinda stupid when every other word that comes out of peoples mouth is mutha F this and F that you know its real dumb to me so I try to say words other than them. But I remember I had a girlfriend when I was like...10 and I wanted to do something sweet for her so I wrote a poem to her that's when I realized I had a gift of poetry well I kinda did I mean everyone can write a poem when they want to. But one day I was on punishment and I was on punishment a lot like my friends would literally call and instead of asking for me they would say is Corey on punishment or something like that but after awhile I was grounded for stupid stuff like I would get off of punishment just to get back on really. So I was just on all the time and it started to get ridiculous if it wasn't already and so as to it I began to feel mistaken that's when I wrote the poem mistaken but the problem is is I lost the original copy so I tried to remember some of it but I couldn't remember it all but I know it was a raw poem unfortunately my mother found it and started questioning me about it I never wanted her to see it in the first place but she got a hold of it cause of a I don't know annual or weekly or something inspection of my room and thought I wanted to run away(even though I did)

So later on in life I stopped writing but in school a few years ago I began to write again we had an assignment to write a I have a dream speech in Social studies but I decided to write a poem instead when I handed the poem in entitled One Day my teacher loved it so much that every teacher, teacher aid staff member everybody read it and they loved it so much that they sent it to the mayor and he sent me a certificate acknowledging and praising my poem so I thought I'm gonna enter this in a contest but instead I found this place which is the main reason I write a whole lot more. After I was praised in English we had a temporary student teacher and he assigned us this assignment to write a poem with something in it I forgot but I remember I wrote a poem entitled The Dark and it was a six line poem and it was so sweet but I made a mistake and lost it.: -(Anyways later he assigned another poetry thingy and that's when I wrote My Big Fat Evil Wife. Now I've been writing poems and I don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon. Lately I've been inspired by a lovely girl I know as Loveiy if you saw her you'd understand why, I love her and we already planned our future together YAY! ! ! !

Now my poems are a lot different from each other I have many emo poems many love poems and many inspirational poems. Well I'm a little Scyzophrenic I have about 28 different personalities in which I call Viruses, or Virus 28. The Viruses have been my inspiration for many of my poetry so in order to know I'll name which Virus I was when I wrote the poems at the end with an asterix as the indicator. Thanks for reading and remember Spread Yourself! ! ! !

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