Cori Arbuss

Rookie (Encino.)

Biography of Cori Arbuss

I am a girl of many plagues and disguises. I am the face behind the face behind the mask. I am your cosmic lover. I draw inspiration from the poetic movements in my mundane life and thrive off the occult way of life. Metal is my primary escape-loosing myself in the warm, bitter screams just comes easy to me. In short, I am not a poet in itself-I take rawness from the world and work it into prose. And I can only hope you enjoy it. Updates

An Angel's Lie

Forever more, the blessed be
Forever falling, they shant desire
Forever waiting, the angels sigh
Forever needing their golden lyre

To sing their songs of sweet redemption
While we wait in our hallucination
And tasting of the fire of eternal damnation
And while we linger in our amiable deception

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