Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry

Rookie (May 21,1945 / Aiken County, South Carolina)

Biography of Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry

Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry poet

I am a poet
I know it,
and I must go it
and show it
in order to sow it
and grow it
before we blow it
since the poetic is prophetic.
Dreams determine how the future will emerge.
Assigning the truth to our dreams is what RG poetry suggests and goes about to manifest.

Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry's Works:

Dare 2 Dream Like King, There Is A Superman Inside You,
Third Dimension Thinking, Updates

Going After My Dream

Going after my dream...know what I mean
Away dope fiend, not that scene,
no time for schemes, no time for haters,
debaters, commentators, agitators, instigators,
I don't even have time for investigators
Dream is what I mean

He walks with me, He talks with me.
He tells me my dream that I dream

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