Corny Black

Biography of Corny Black

Hello... anyone there? Really? You're completely insane...
Anyway, you don't want to here much about my life, but you're going to anyway:
I was born at about 0 years old. I am now older than that. I live in a house. I eat food everyday. Also, I go out at night and eat people with a spork! ! ! !

That's it. Just a note on my poems. Sometimes, though they may seem gruesome and grim, they are actually about compassion and love (like the Omen Rides poems) , or, I may just be in the mood for gore. Updates

The Omen Rides

It’s over, fade to black
Then white
Then blood red and shining
And then a rotten green
that no one cares for and ignores
Then the brown of my eye
But darker than I can manage
And unleash my hidden rage,
For when I try I fail

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