Cosi Celeste

Rookie (April 27,1957 / Ft. Worth, Texas)

Cosi Celeste Poems

1. The Place Where You Live 12/25/2006
2. Boxes And More Boxes 12/28/2006
3. Security 1/8/2007
4. The Taqueria (El Molino) 1/24/2007
5. For Hobbes, The Frog 2/2/2007
6. Practice Being Happy 2/4/2007
7. Caught In Transition 2/5/2007
8. For Jethro 2/12/2007
9. Resignation 2/26/2007
10. It's A Whiskey Kind Of Life 3/1/2007
11. Count Your Blessings 3/1/2007
12. What's Your Reason? 6/9/2007
13. The Light 7/11/2007
14. Not Just Yet 3/14/2008
15. Apology 6/3/2008
16. Among The Things I Can Have, But Cannot Keep 3/17/2009
17. White Elephant (Revisited) 3/17/2009
18. You Said... 7/16/2007
19. White Elephant 3/15/2008
20. Infatuation 3/1/2007
21. So You Took A Wrong Turn 2/3/2007
22. Friendship Takes Time And Its Toll 12/25/2006
23. My Gift 12/25/2006
24. Coffee At Ihop With A Bipolar 12/31/2006
25. It Was You 2/1/2007
Best Poem of Cosi Celeste

It Was You

I notice that when you walk by,
you notice me.
I catch you catching sight of me,
and smile when you smile at me,
then you blush.
When you speak I watch your mouth.
Who cares what you’ve said?
You notice me watching your mouth…
You notice me not caring about what you’ve said.
You smile at me…
I smile at you…
You blush…

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My Gift

Her ears were too big, but she never listened.
Her attitude I was told rivaled that of a Brooklyn whore.
She ignored anyone that didn't feed her.
She took from the blind when they weren't looking.
She pretended to be asleep, so I wouldn't move her.
She snarled at the others who dared to look at her.
She claimed the favorite chair and moved you, if you sat there.
She wasn't very tall, but you always knew she was there.
She died not knowing she had a cat's name.

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