Cosmic Dreamer

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Cosmic Dreamer Poems

41. Greed... 10/30/2011
42. The Meaning Of Life 10/30/2011
43. Shattered Dream... 10/30/2011
44. Hope 10/30/2011
45. Friends Eternal 10/30/2011
46. The Masterpiece 10/30/2011
47. Winters Advance... 10/31/2011
48. Imagine 10/30/2011
49. A Dreamer's Journey 10/30/2011
50. Hold Me Close 11/1/2011
51. Angel Of My Dreams... 11/2/2011
52. Reborn... 11/2/2011
53. Haunted... 11/3/2011
54. Cancer Of Our Existance... 11/3/2011
55. Life's Unending Cycle... 11/7/2011
56. Painted Love 11/10/2011
57. Tears Of Blood... 11/10/2011
58. A Moment In Time... 11/11/2011
59. The Light... 11/11/2011
60. Naked... 11/7/2011
61. Tick Tock... 11/12/2011
62. My Hungry Soul 11/15/2011
63. Damage 11/21/2011
64. Hearts Desire 11/30/2011
65. Love For The Sake Of Love... 11/30/2011
66. Portrait Of Life... 11/30/2011
67. Destiny... 12/7/2011
68. Life Is Too Short... 12/7/2011
69. Darkness... 12/10/2011
70. The Fear... 12/26/2011
71. New Year... New Beginning... 12/26/2011
72. Ignorance... 1/27/2012
73. A Perfect World... 3/20/2012
74. Lost... 3/23/2012
75. The Ultimate Sin... 3/28/2012
76. What Went Wrong? ... 3/29/2012
77. Life... 4/4/2012
78. Forever In Poetic Rhymes 4/5/2012
79. Hunger... 4/8/2012
80. My Desire Cowers... 2/10/2012

Comments about Cosmic Dreamer

  • Meenakshi Chawla (4/10/2016 11:11:00 AM)

    Hello.. I happened to notice that someone is using parts of your poem on their blog and selling it as their own. Thought it should be brought to your notice. https: //

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  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/7/2014 7:00:00 AM)

    nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

  • Silentpoet Grl (10/31/2011 6:19:00 PM)

    A true poet - taking words and molding such rich imagery- painting beautiful pictures with every write! Truly a brilliant and passionate writer!
    Keep up the Amazing work!

  • (De Va) (10/31/2011 3:14:00 PM)

    only a few of your poems I have read, many more are in my stead. Soon to be so many more, not just keep from being a bore, I say adieu until we meet, and then I will allow you to worship at my feet.......
    haha...jk...really wanted to say I love what I have read so far. Your writes are filled with such passion and are the words of a true romantic....thanks for sharing.....blessings

Best Poem of Cosmic Dreamer

Heaven Is Hell

As I walk down a golden paved highway,
The sound of angels song fills my ears,
I dance amidst the couds that surround me,
A vision of paradise stretches out before me,
I breathe in life from all of my surroundings,
I have died and become an immortal,
Golden haloed angels have become my company,
Blooms of lush flowers and birdsong surround,
And in this paradise I search for you my love,
I call out your name, yet you do not answer,
My past lifes lived must have been sinful indeed,
Where my crimes against humanity so unspeakable?
What sins must I ...

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Heavens Playground...

The night sky is sprinkled with the jewels of angels,
Magically they hang there for all eternity,
I gaze upon those bright beacons of shimmereing crystal,
I connect the dots across the fabric of space and time,
Through a silky black sequined sky to heavens playground,
A dream world where our souls can dance upon starlight,
In dreams we ride the celestial skies until the morning light,
For dawn shall arrive and pierce through the heart of night,
Bleeding soft sunlight onto our be

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