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121. The Lie 7/22/2007
122. The One Before 4/19/2008
123. This Is The End 7/22/2010
124. This Lie 7/22/2010
125. To Carry You 10/25/2008
126. To Keep You Alive 10/25/2008
127. To Live 5/10/2008
128. To Want What We Cannot Have 5/29/2008
129. Together 1/22/2008
130. Tonight 4/19/2008
131. Trapped 7/22/2010
132. Us 5/10/2008
133. Us And Me 10/25/2008
134. Way Too Deep With You 10/25/2008
135. We 4/19/2008
136. What Am I To Do? 1/19/2010
137. What If It All Ended 4/19/2008
138. What Is This Feeling? 6/9/2007
139. When I'M With You 10/26/2008
140. When You Leave 5/10/2008
141. Whispered Promise 3/2/2009
142. Will I 11/17/2007
143. Winter 1/22/2008
144. You 6/26/2008
145. You And I 10/25/2008
146. You And Me 4/19/2008
147. You Said 7/22/2007
148. You Will Be The Death Of Me 4/28/2009
149. Your Melody 10/26/2008
150. Your Resting Place 12/25/2009
151. You'Re Just For Me 6/10/2007
152. You'Re Safe 7/22/2010

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Daddy's Little Girl

On a shooting star
One girl wishes
Her dad would come back from afar
Her daddy's off in war
Off in Iraq
Every day she hopes
Her dad would come back
'Why does there have to be war! ? '
She cries
Her mommy shakes her head
Shrugs and sighs
No one will answer her
No one hears her plea
No one comes to her aid
No one can see
How this little girl is hurting
It shouldn't be her problem
To bear
And so each night
She crawls out of bed
To see when her daddy
Will give her a goodnight kiss on her head

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It falls upon me,
Down like rain
And like it too, it chills
Only on the inside it kills
It tempts me, oh it tempts me so
To follow the rain's own flow
Should I, should i not
It says it'll give me, what I sought

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