courtney helm

Biography of courtney helm

I’m a unique girl,
The kind that no matter what happens,
I love the world,
I’m always the class dork,
I can’t call myself “an artwork”.

I make all the mistakes,
I fall so much; I have too many aches,
I cry too much,
Laugh too much,
Talk too much,
Hyper too much.

I’m probably the loudest person you know,
It never works, but I try to go with the flow,
I can get pretty crazy,
Also, a little lazy.

I don’t like being told what to do,
Love to hang with my “crew”.
I don’t get caught in drama; I know its best,
Instead I impress,
I try to not fight,
And when I do I make everything alright.

I am afraid of a lot,
If I do something bad, scared I’ll get caught,
Scared of the first day of school,
Scared of becoming a fool,
Scared of everything.

I like to make people smile,
I like to make moments worthwhile,
I like to give good advice,
I like to be nice.

I’m not so smart,
But smart enough to know not to let a guy rip my friendships apart
I love school,
I try to follow the rules.

I wear my own style,
Mine is a combination,
It makes people look for a while,
I will become the next sensation.

Tell me what to say, what to do, how to act, what to wear,
I won’t listen.
I like to be me and only me,
That’s the part that makes me glisten.
I don’t care who or what people think I am,
Like I’ll ever give a damn.

Now you know,
This is how I go,
Now you see,
This is the real me.
This is who I am. Updates

Sorry Is Not Enough

This is about my friend always saying sorry but then doing the same thing
She lies,
She betrays,
Calls you a name,
She talks behind your back,
She laughs at you,
She ditches you,
She hurts you on the inside,
sorry is not enough!