Courtney Hitz

Rookie (6-7-92 / Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

Biography of Courtney Hitz

my parents are divorced i live a double life one is a sad gurl who plans to go goth on my 15th birthday and the other one is a gurl who is confused on the inside and looks happy on the outside my birthday is 6-7-92 and i only got 2 gifts this year so im basically a sad confused gurl who has no idea what life is Updates

Life Sux

My life sux
You might say it dont
But im the only one living my life
I have a dad who doesnt care about me
I have a stepmom who only cares about her, her kids, and drinking alcohol
My stepsister and my stepcousin tried to kill me by poisoning me
Nobody in my family cares about me
Im told im a psyco witch
All because I study witchcraft

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