Courtney Mayer

Rookie (May 22,1991 / Cameron, Texas)

Biography of Courtney Mayer

I was born on May 22,1991 in a small town hospital in Rockdale, Texas. I am now 17 and living with my dad, and 5 younger sisters in Cameron, Texas. I go to school at CHY (Cameron Yoe High School) . We are the Yoemen, I am now a senior in high school.

My name is Courtney Anne Mayer, I have 5 younger sisters; Megan(16) , Miranda(15) , Ashley(13) , Valerie(11) , and Madison(5) . I also have 2 older (step) brothers,1 younger (step) sister, and 1 younger (step) brother. Their names and ages are: Jeffery(23) , Thomas(19) , Marie(15) , and Kody(11) . After high school I plan on getting an apt. and living out my life as I please and feel comfortable doing.

I think that life was made to live as children of God, and I plan on living it as it says in the Bible for me to do. As for friends, I have a lot, but only a few that I talk to outside of school. I think that life is fun, colorful, exciting, and yet noisy. I prefer to be out in the country with my Grandma and Papa where it is nice, quiet, and peaceful, and you can do anything that you want to do. Like: going on a walk, owning a farm or ranch, and owning animals like horses, cows, sheep, pigs, pigs, cats, dogs, etc. Where you can have the best life that you could ever find anywhere and where all that you really have to have is you, a few animal friends, some books to read, and a truck to get around to places in; and of course of you want to you can have yourself and 'lil' 'ol' family also.

In the future I plan on going to college if I feel that I need or want to, and I hope to find the right guy for me and get married to him and have a family of my own...just not quite as much as my mother and father. I just hope that I can be as good of a mother as my mother was to me before she passed away.

In conclusion..........

Courtney A. Mayer Updates

Christmas Time!

Nows' the time that it gets cold.
Its getting close to the holidays, these Christmas songs are getting really old.
Aint' these times s'posed to be jolly days?

Nows' when we get out of school and go to our relatives houses for presents.
We get out cheeks pinched by our lil' ol' Aunts' till' we caint fell our cheeks.
Aint' these times s'posed to be jolly days?

Nows' when we go outside and try to have a good time.

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