Courtney Sycowski

Rookie (Hollywood, Calif.)

Biography of Courtney Sycowski

I am a 18 year old poem writer. My bff is Erica Lynn German and Lauren Daniels and Mickie Hardy. I have a boyfriend named Todd. I have a pug named ToTo. I love boats and dogs. Mickie is my age but Erica is not she skipped a grade then we became friends. Erica moved to Tennesse with her family. She had a grandfather who passed and moved into his house. He was on 'Who wants to be a millionair' My grandfather played the organ for every baseball team in the Major League. I am a soccer superstar and my idol is Mia Hamm. My graduation date is June 14,2009.

Courtney Sycowski's Works:

None as of now. Updates

Your Wedding Day

There you are
my very good friend
all in your wedding gown
and then

you wait in the chapple
for your groom to arrive
standing in the Big Apple
the you stand on my side.

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