Courtney Turner

Rookie (April 9th,1992 / Syracuse, NY)

Biography of Courtney Turner

Well, I am a young woman of 15 and just trying to find my place in the world. I plan to be a surgeon or get a job in the medical proffession. I love to read and write stories, sometimes poems. My current story is nearly 200 pages long and still in progress.
My favorite colors are black, red, blue.
I have an odd obsession with vampires.
I love music, it's one of the things I could not live without.
I am the oldest, and have 3 younger brothers.
My father and grandmother died 3 days after my 11th birthday in which a drunk driver hit their car head on. My mother was the driver and still is alive, but with many permanent damages to her body.
Two of my brothers are menatlly challenged.

Courtney Turner's Works:

None Updates

Hopeful Tears

I say my prayers and lay down my head.
I think of my responsibilities, my problems,
But I refuse to cry.
Refuse to show weakness,
Refuse to submit to my grief.
Instead I think of happy thoughts,
Thoughts of my childhood,
Thoughts of the good.
When at last I start to sleep.

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