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41. Flowering Fate 6/2/2012
42. The Search 8/15/2012
43. The One 11/15/2012
44. Valintimes Aim 2/6/2013
45. Roses And Sweets 2/6/2013
46. Cupids Mark 2/6/2013
47. Fire Of The Night 2/6/2013
48. Fires Of The Night 2/6/2013
49. Bodies Entwine As Souls Ingite 2/6/2013
50. Paths Meant To Cross 2/6/2013
51. For All Eternity 2/6/2013
52. Valentine's 2/14/2013
53. Cupid Take Aim 2/6/2013
54. Path Towards Heaven 2/6/2013
55. Kindred Soul. 2/6/2013
56. Random Kindness Indeed 1/25/2012
57. Dreaming Of You 1/4/2012
58. Love Is A Shooting Star 8/15/2012
59. In The Wink Of An Eye 2/6/2013
60. Love Can Pass You By 2/6/2013
61. Happiness 1/26/2012
62. Kindred Souls 1/17/2012
63. I Am Not Insane. 1/25/2012
64. Teddy Bear Love 2/7/2013
65. Like A Flower 1/2/2012
66. Love Is Like A Shooting Star. 2/6/2013
67. Poppy's Flower 2/20/2012
68. Good Morning My Love 1/22/2012

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Good Morning My Love

Good morning, Good morning my Love?
I know I just woke up,
But I want to tell you something,
as I drink my morning cup.
I really love YOU
I do? , I do? , I do!

And As I dream of day your with me,
I don't know what I'd do.
So this is my way of showing you,
I believe our dreams will come true.
As I wrote this little poem To say,
I love YOU I love YOU I love YOU.
I do, I do, I do!

And may the smile that you get,
when you feel the warmth it brings,
stay with you all day,
As I know we will be happy
for the rest ...

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Tree Of Life

Once upon a time there was a woman who enjoying being out in the woods so much that she decided one day that she would never leave.....
As time had passed by, She became more and more at peace with herself and as one with the world around her. She was Happy! ! 'So much in fact, that one day while she was sitting in the woods meditating with her surroundings, she began to notice that she was starting to spread roots into the ground, transforming herself into a beautiful tree.
As she grew stron

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