Crash Of Rain

Crash Of Rain Poems

1. Ultimate Price 10/23/2009
2. Lying In Serenity 10/23/2009
3. Legions Of Prime 10/23/2009
4. Servant To The Night's Glow 10/23/2009
5. Love Is 10/24/2009
6. My Love Is Here 10/30/2009
7. Knocking In 10/31/2009
8. Some Clear Visual 11/2/2009
9. Invisible To My Eyes 11/3/2009
10. Underneath The Stars 11/15/2009
11. With You..... Never Say Die 11/17/2009
12. Where Is Bliss 11/18/2009
13. From The Heart 11/18/2009
14. No Air 10/23/2009
15. Your Name 10/23/2009
16. Sign Of My Love 11/19/2009
17. Your Sweet Name 11/19/2009
18. Love 11/19/2009
19. Your Name On The Sand 11/19/2009
20. Words 10/24/2009
21. Squiggling On Leaves 10/24/2009
22. Bleed From The Bite 10/24/2009
23. Cranial Woods 10/24/2009
24. Lies And Deception 10/23/2009
25. Run Away 11/18/2009
26. Tides 11/19/2009
27. Here I Am 11/17/2009
28. In Cold Droplets 10/24/2009

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Best Poem of Crash Of Rain

In Cold Droplets

Terrible pulses triggered the head
Each beat played like drums in ache
Made me super sore and weak
I couldn’t speak, I am framed like shrimp
Enduring the side effects of pills
Sweat formed in cold droplets
Shaking all thoughts vanishing my dreams
Giving in to the water world
Of hopelessness in my half faced journey

2009,24 of Oct.

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Lying In Serenity

Never weep or laugh on me
‘Coz I am no longer there
To hear and see your faces
The class of comic you have portrayed
Witness me in my grave,
Bring flowers to my casket
My body is there lying in serenity
My soul waits at the mortuary
Waiting for my groom to hold me

2009,23 of Oct.

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