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Mr. Mojo Risin'

Jim Morrison: another ten years gone (an appreciation)

I well remember the summer of '81. Saw Van Halen 3 times, caught Iggy Pop twitching and writhing at Nantasket beach, and got my MTV. Creem magazine was my prime source for music news (the captions were great, and Rolling Stone had become oh, so stuffy!) , and the Doors- a full decade beyond the mysterious death of their charismatic lead singer- were back on the charts. No One Here Gets Out Alive, the 'official'; Jim Morrison biography, considered by some a deification (though I've yet to hear anyone yelp Morrison's name after stubbing their toe) was a national best seller, Creem put out a Doors special edition, and a new Doors Greatest Hits album was hot on the charts. Songs such as 'Light My Fire', 'Break on Through', and 'Roadhouse Blues' ('woke up this morning/ and I got myself a beer') were getting airplay alongside 'Unchained' and 'Two Daze Gone' and' Don't Stop Believing' on BLM, while current venue filling acts such as The Clash and The Pretenders were being crowded off the air by the arena-rock-friendly format of the time. Through the Doors, a Connecticut based tribute band, headlined Poorboy Symphony's farewell show as well as the NewYear's Eve show at the old Free Street Pub. And as old fans and new were mulling over the question of Morrison's actual whereabouts, a poor sounding,13-year-old Danish TV show was making the rounds on early evening and late night weekend TV.
Though after reading the bio I had my doubts about the likelihood of the 10 year survival in obscurity of a wreckless drinking,3pack-a-day smoking, proud carnivore known above all for his sneering nihilism, drunken exhibitionism and hedonistic abandon, I did find the whole Doors thing intriguing, sporting the t-shirt on every concert trip and hanging the blacklight poster in my apartment. Though i had been aware of the Doors before this resurgence, the mystique had been lost on me prior to that summer. While there was a vague memory of 'Riders on the Storm' plodding along on WCOU-AM (a country station) while i inhaled cigar smoke and my own hair at Dick's Barber Shop, I can't say that Morrison's death had any impact on my blissful existence back in 1971. By 1991, 'Horse Latitudes' was embarrassing to listen to, and the crystal ship had long since filled and sailed. But as late as July 3,1998, 'When The Music's Over' could be heard blazing through the sultry West End night from somewhere on Salem Street in Portland.

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