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I'm A Single Soul In A Lost Sea Of Timeless Existence...

So, perhaps a world of mirrors in a sanctuary of illusions only reflects what can be seen. but then, nothing could be seen at all. and we would all be in a soulless void of nothingness. as empty and hollow as the one who calls them self the bane of their own existence, and the benefactor of the faceless images of perception. As Insane As The Madmen Who Roam, But As Gentle As The Dove Who Coos In The Morning Melody Of The Wind. The One who Calls Themselves, No-one.

I Am No-One. Updates

Angel Of Darkness

Angel Of Darkness, So Up High,
Sits On Her Cloud, So Beautiful, A Lie;

She Looks At The Stars, So Bright Above,
Tears Are Dropping, Like Heavens Glove;
They Wonder Why, An Angel So Dear,
Could Possibly Love, A Sin, None Hear;

Nobody Sees The Lonely Dark Angel,

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