Cristian Marian Necula Poems

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A Tranquil Rose

As I sit on a bench
In a park,
Meditating and relaxing,
I see something which

Love Is A Fallacy

It comes, then it just disappears
Some people say that
It's one of the best things
That can happen to you

The Circle Of Life

I'm like a knight without the armor and the shield
I've only to defend myself with the ink I always wield
Take the fight on and on til the rivals yield
Replace depression with its opposite til I get healed

What More Could I Ask For?

I've prayed for true love day and night
For one who'll make my lonely days shine
A ravishing girl whose eyes forever bright
Shall enlighten this not so vivid life of mine

We'Re Humans, Aren'T We?

Inside us all, a monster shouts
It growls and with its fierce voice
A greenish matter that gives us doubts
Never a moment without noise

Forever It Burns

As darkness makes its way through sanity
Turning us to the dark side, remember that we,
Are not as aesthetic as it seems
Uniqueness demands us be in different teams.

Integrity's Farewells

A misdemeanor turned out to be something great
Serendipity has made its debut in his fate
Criminal on the inside, naive boy on the out
He alone is to be blamed for choosing his own route


I sit and frown upon,
this picture before me.
My parents, my siblings
Years ago,


What makes us human?
Is it our body?
Not quite,
as our characteristics,


Stranded on an island;
Everything around me is going crazy.
A touch of abjection, a touch of loneliness.
What is going on? !