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Cristobal Benjumea Poems

1. My Friend 1/9/2015
2. Not A Vulgar Tablecloth 1/9/2015
3. A Room 1/9/2015
4. Home 1/9/2015
5. Him Her 1/10/2015
6. Ive Loved Your Shadow 1/13/2015
7. What Constelation Influences Tle Love In Me To Move Like A Tango 3/5/2015
8. Eden 3/25/2015
9. Anaesthisised 3/25/2015
10. You And Me 4/19/2015
11. When Will We Burn On The Pire 4/20/2015
12. Only Action, No Talk 4/22/2015
13. I Live On Purple Flowers I Am A Saint 4/22/2015
14. When I Trott When I Run 4/22/2015
15. Though I Know You Love Me 4/23/2015
16. Your Are So Distant 4/25/2015
17. Separation Union 4/25/2015
18. Union Over Separation Equals Love 4/25/2015
19. Good Over Evil Equals Peace 4/25/2015
20. Romantic Memory 4/26/2015
21. If We Could Have A Familly 4/26/2015
22. Known Unknown 4/26/2015
23. Haiku 4/26/2015
24. Branches Of Trees 4/26/2015
25. Oh You Headless Chicken 4/28/2015
26. About You 5/1/2015
27. Are You In The Windy Vale 5/1/2015
28. You And Me Are The Promised Land 5/1/2015
29. What To Do If You Get Insulted In Paris A Prose Poem 5/1/2015
30. Spirit That Is Stongest 5/1/2015
31. Why Are You So Beautifull 5/2/2015
32. Your Beauty Has Put A A Spell On Me 5/2/2015
33. I Hope Love Permeates Me 5/2/2015
34. The Images The Humans 5/3/2015
35. Love Shipwreck 2/17/2016
36. Love Spashing In A Fountain 3/14/2016
37. The Rules Of Love 3/14/2016
38. The Lovers Are United 3/14/2016
39. Who Can Stop The Rain 3/14/2016
40. I Love You Ember Eyes 3/14/2016

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My Girlfriend Is Fat And All She Ever Talks About Is Fish Cadavers In Pies

my girvriend is fat and all she ever talks about is food

she never tals about anything else

for her life is just a question of who has the pie and mash

i dont know but i think pie and mash means more to her than our relationship

our relationship is based on pie and mash

ho farr am i gong to get in the pie and mash game##

becaus of his im gong to eat pie and mash allways

we dont have a relationship we just have pie an mash##

how does pie and mash affect the destiny of nations

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the thorns of life being a bit too sharp nonethelessand no loger was a ladys pawn,

angel when have you been at fault

why you are being a shadow of a godess, and depriving me of vistas

why do you deprive me of caresses

and give all, the physical world possesses

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