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Cristobal Benjumea Poems

81. Faithfull To Our Love 6/16/2016
82. Hungry For Your Love 6/20/2016
83. Lady X 6/20/2016
84. I Could Do The Cha Cha Cha 6/25/2016
85. What God Does 6/25/2016
86. What Do You Do When I Give You A Piece Of Jade 6/25/2016
87. Why Are You Like A Serende 6/25/2016
88. If I Asked You To A Ball Would You Say No, 6/29/2016
89. Love Love 6/29/2016
90. Happyness Is You 7/3/2016
91. Fragments 7/6/2016
92. I Cryed Over What Love Made Me Do, As Is Said 7/6/2016
93. What Love Made Me Do, As Is Said 7/6/2016
94. Yes I Am Obsessed 7/6/2016
95. Im Ok Sometimes 7/6/2016
96. Xanadu 7/8/2016
97. I Sing Idle Songs About You 7/10/2016
98. Butterflyes At Dawn 7/11/2016
99. Gaudy Butterfies At Dawn 7/11/2016
100. My Reason 7/13/2016
101. My Reason, Our Love A Fragment 7/13/2016
102. Not Unwanted 7/13/2016
103. Not Unwanted One Is Not Two 7/13/2016
104. Ghosts To The Fire 7/13/2016
105. Im Only Working Sixty Percent 7/13/2016
106. Searching 4 Eternity 7/17/2016
107. Coloured Flowers 7/17/2016
108. Why I Like Two Instead Of One 7/28/2016
109. Walking Through The Forest Protects The Tender Soul 7/28/2016
110. After Rumi 7/30/2016
111. Lets Move To The Good Part 8/1/2016
112. My Song Remains Unsung 8/1/2016
113. Not Junk But Beautiful Alpha Centaury 8/1/2016
114. Ivy 8/3/2016
115. Crows 8/3/2016
116. Closer 8/15/2016
117. I Walk Through A Field Of Multicoloured Flowers 8/15/2016
118. Nor Black Nor White 8/15/2016
119. The Reasons Why I Love You 8/21/2016
120. I Like You Because Your Like Sugar On Top 8/21/2016

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My Girlfriend Is Fat And All She Ever Talks About Is Fish Cadavers In Pies

my girvriend is fat and all she ever talks about is food

she never tals about anything else

for her life is just a question of who has the pie and mash

i dont know but i think pie and mash means more to her than our relationship

our relationship is based on pie and mash

ho farr am i gong to get in the pie and mash game##

becaus of his im gong to eat pie and mash allways

we dont have a relationship we just have pie an mash##

how does pie and mash affect the destiny of nations

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Its Great To Be Me

life is a banquet, I know between these rocks and the shore

my love for you bewitched me


not a green meadow, yet i can say that i have felt you in theese distant rooms

here is a cup of coffee you ghost

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