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Cristobal Benjumea Poems

161. Universe 3/28/2017
162. So Many Truths 3/28/2017
163. You Prophets 3/28/2017
164. Ambrosia 3/30/2017
165. The Garden, Of Orchids 3/31/2017
166. Colours 4/1/2017
167. Colours, Black And White 4/1/2017
168. The Cave Full Of Lillies 4/1/2017
169. Jaged Air 4/2/2017
170. Disease 4/2/2017
171. 1, Or Minus One 4/2/2017
172. Youth As A Key To Unlock The Door Of Eternity 4/2/2017
173. Dust And Tinsel 4/2/2017
174. Stimulation 4/3/2017
175. The Land Where It Is Allways Noon 5/22/2017
176. In This Planet Its Allways Noon 5/22/2017
177. Sensuality 5/22/2017
178. Ode To A Pill 5/22/2017
179. Ode To A Nightingale 5/22/2017
180. Ode To My Song 5/22/2017
181. Ode To Your Beauty 5/22/2017
182. Where Are The Swans 6/22/2017
183. To You, My White Ghost, With Love 6/29/2017
184. I Wanted To Be A Pianist But Ended Up A Sea Captain 8/20/2017
185. My Song 9/11/2017
186. My Song 2 9/11/2017
187. Ive Fallen In Love Again 9/25/2017
188. Imagery 9/25/2017
189. We Comute Between, The Matterial, And The Imaterial 9/25/2017
190. Fountains 9/28/2017
191. A Night Thought 9/28/2017
192. From Now On I Renounce 4/23/2018
193. From Now On I Renounce, The Finite 4/23/2018
194. Mum 4/23/2018
195. Paradise 4/23/2018
196. Not Vain< Regain 4/23/2018
197. Birds< Blooming Red< And Green Flowers< At Midday 4/23/2018
198. Love Is 7/16/2013
199. Love Is Her 7/16/2013
200. Sometimas Im Happy Sometimes Im Sad 7/16/2013

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My Girlfriend Is Fat And All She Ever Talks About Is Fish Cadavers In Pies

my girvriend is fat and all she ever talks about is food

she never tals about anything else

for her life is just a question of who has the pie and mash

i dont know but i think pie and mash means more to her than our relationship

our relationship is based on pie and mash

ho farr am i gong to get in the pie and mash game##

becaus of his im gong to eat pie and mash allways

we dont have a relationship we just have pie an mash##

how does pie and mash affect the destiny of nations

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Love Is Her

love is sleeping in minds of amathyst, drinking coffee out of oyster shells, in the forest i saw you, you were a steamy double decker bus

more whisky, would that improve the alchemy of the word, the archway

ever since the begginning of the wheel

a plant has to be grown with love

im no different

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