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41. Liberty's Tree With Its Branches Of Love 12/28/2010
42. Desire Of Love 12/28/2010
43. Love Thou Has A Sharp Sword 12/29/2010
44. You Re Flute Plays Nonchalantly And Is A Deceiver 12/29/2010
45. You Re Flute Plays Nonchalantly And Is A Criminal 12/29/2010
46. We 12/30/2010
47. Come Closer, Beautiful Bird. 12/31/2010
48. Us 12/31/2010
49. Us And The Fire 12/31/2010
50. Infinity 1/1/2011
51. Color Fantasy 1/1/2011
52. Be Mine 6/13/2011
53. Your Radiance Is Helpful. 11/28/2010
54. Her Face 10/28/2010
55. Your Love Is Madness 12/21/2010
56. Happyness Is In The Sky 12/12/2010
57. I Follow A Light 11/22/2010
58. Hate Turns Into Love 12/9/2010
59. Love, Your Radiance Is Helpful. 11/28/2010
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Love, Your Radiance Is Helpful.

Hello, i want to touch you, feel the waves of love pulsate through my veins. Permeate. There is no other, love, and no other better pass time. To eat a cake is nice, but ugliness, soon, puts one off.. The sands of time can tell of no other love, that floats above, that melts heaven and earth together, joins hunger and reward, produces, medals, do i love, you Can bet, sometimes the shadows though i am stone, do i feel, yes, i follow the music, there, i kiss, the the carmine lips, the earth yields, its treasure, freedom, in the skies is appears, its expanse is infinite, i am subject to ...

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Her Face

Her face i will never see again, my reward, a tempest, and a wall. The satyrs keep playing in the forest, but I am alone.I see gods face in the light, he shows me her, in the square, in the cobbled street, underneath the parasol, on the waves, in the reflections of the windows, in the colours of the cars as they speed past, in the palm trees as the

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