Rookie (April 11 1980 / Frederick, MD)


1. Perfect Girl 1/3/2012
2. Angels 1/3/2012
3. Questions And Answers 1/3/2012
4. The Storm 1/3/2012
5. The One Lost 1/3/2012
6. These Words 1/3/2012
7. Each Time I Think Of You 1/3/2012
8. The Rose 1/3/2012
9. Destiny 1/3/2012
10. My Mother 1/8/2012
11. Friends 1/9/2012
12. Happy Birthday 1/15/2012
13. Please God -Bring Our Grandpa Back 1/20/2012
14. Loneliness 1/27/2012
15. Agony 2/21/2012
16. Perfect Girl (Dream Girl) 3/1/2012
17. Leaving 3/24/2012
18. A Friend 4/12/2012
19. Can She 1/9/2012
20. Kitten 1/9/2012
21. Wolves 1/3/2012
22. Waiting 2/10/2012
23. Alcoholism 2/19/2012
24. My Father 1/14/2012

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My Father

Once I did not know him
A little girl wanted nothing more but to be beside him
He kept saying 'he would be there' but did not show

A teenager hated her father, for he wasn't there and she didn't want him there.
Filled with anger and pain that was from her father.

A young woman now over all the childish games wants to have a relationship with her father.
They converse and he says he is sorry, they set up plans to spend time together.

But one day he has a heart attack and stolen away too early
The girl crys and calls out for her father but he doesn't hear ...

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The One Lost

When I wanted to cry you weren't there

When I wanted someone to talk to you weren't there

When I needed someone to stand by me and keep me warm you left me cold and alone and still you weren't there

I wonder if you will be there when I don't need you

Stay Away... Stay Away...

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