Crystal Castro

Rookie - 48 Points (06-09-1983 / Tacoma Washington)

Crystal Castro Poems

1. Never Any Intention. 2/21/2013
2. The Life Of A Wonderfu Man.L 2/26/2013
3. The Meaning Of Us 3/22/2013
4. Your Baby.... Crystal June 4/15/2013
5. Forever Beating Strong 4/19/2013
6. Untitled 4/19/2013
7. If We Were Really Meant To Be 4/19/2013
8. Shaun~forever And Always 4/19/2013
9. Sorry You Had To Go 4/19/2013
10. The One That's Meant For Me 4/19/2013
11. Gfr 5/30/2013
12. Somebody To Love Her 2/26/2013
13. Forever 4/19/2013
14. For Him I Still Cry 2/26/2013
15. So In Love 4/19/2013
16. I Don'T Want To Lose You 5/22/2013
17. The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me. 2/26/2013
18. Shaun J. Leach- My Everything, My Life, My Rock 12/26/2012
19. My Cousin Nani 4/19/2013
20. Endless Love 4/19/2013
21. Stolen Innocence 3/18/2013
Best Poem of Crystal Castro

Stolen Innocence

I trusted you to help me.
Two innocent lives are at stake.
I trusted in you to shelter them,
From any of the wrongs that I make.

Two innocent lives.
This wasn't in their plans.
You should have been caring about their lives and what they want,
As if you were holding your own heart in your hands.

Would you let it fall?
Would you let it die.?
Why punish these children,
When its 'MOMMY' they cry?

You claim its me and my family,
Who scare them half to death.
But if you take the time and look closely
My children, my family, and I ALL ...

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The Meaning Of Us

The feeling of becoming breathless when you wrap me in your arms
Placing your soft hands around my waist
As you lean into my ear sweetly whispering ' I love you.'
Making me feel weak yet i know I'm safe with you
The chill up and down my spine whenever I hear your voice
My heart slips a few beats just having an image of your smile in my thoughts
I have such an emotional attachment to you
You're like a drug, and I'm so addicted
I never want to leave your side whenever we're together

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