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hello, I am Crystal. some may call me Starr yes with two R's. I am native american. I get bored very easily so I'm always looking for somthing fun to do and I usually find it. =] I love sport you just got too! ! I am a bit of a tomboy at heart but with sisters like mine it's kinda hard to show it... I have two real sisters (they are twins) who are on their way to becoming models. dont get any ideas boys, or I'll kick your ass, got it? ? they are taken. i have one half sister. I havent seen her since I was probly, um 2. i don't remeber her. just know she is there. I have one half brother Big Ryan. I don't see him much but I love him to death no matter what has happened between us... I still love him. I have two step bro's too. I live with my mother and step father who I think of as a father. I am 5'1 long, brown hair, im on the heavier side. not like all those stupid anerxic tooth pics out there. I have some meat on my bones. I'm very random and love to have fun. outgoing but shy at first. i love to laugh and love people that can make me laugh. my family and freinds are my life. if you have anything else you wanna know send me a messaage =DD thank you and have a good day haha! =]

Crystal Hayes's Works:

forever spoken Updates

My Worst Mistake

I watch you walk over to me
No, more like glide
Perfection is what I see
That’s what you put in my mind
Why am I so attached to you
Even though you treat me wrong
I come running back to you
It’s like a sad, lonely song.
That seems to never end

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