Crystal Midnight

Rookie - 3 Points (May 17 1991 / JC Oregon)

Biography of Crystal Midnight

To all my readers I thank you. I have now posted what I think are my best on here so no matter which one you click on you will get a good read or that was the idea. oh and read Saint he is the best of the best! ! ! you should always try something no matter if someone says you cant do it, if you think you can, go for it. I have a brain injury and no one thought I would live when I was little, but I am here today,18 years old and just fine. read my 6-11 (true story) poem if you want to know the rest. trust me you can do what ever it is you wanna to do cause I am sitting here and I do what ever I want and doctors told my parents that I was going to die.

Crystal Midnight's Works:

none but I hope to some day under the name Crystal Midnight to have a book filled with 100 of my best. Updates

Crazy Nights

You just don't relies how greatly I do care
Or maybe you do
I want to tell you things I shouldn't feel or that's what they say
I can bight my tongue
And hold back

The things we both feel
I want to tell you there is someone out there that really does care
I will just tell you that you are the man that makes me

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