Crystal Piatt

Rookie [ShellWolf] (09-08-1993 / Buffalo)

Crystal Piatt Poems

1. The Heart 5/22/2013
2. Love 5/22/2013
3. Unspoken Thoughts And Hopes 5/22/2013
4. Fish 5/22/2013
5. White 5/22/2013
6. Drugs 5/22/2013
7. God 5/22/2013
8. Love (Younger) 5/22/2013
9. Birds 5/22/2013
10. Angel 5/22/2013
11. Pets 5/22/2013
12. Walking On The Ceiling 5/22/2013
13. Glowing Candles 5/22/2013
14. Under The Moonlight 5/22/2013
15. A Far And Delicate Friendship, A Close And Strong Love 5/22/2013
16. A Wonder Of This Earth 5/22/2013
17. 3,2,1 5/22/2013
18. When I Dream... 5/22/2013
19. Egypt: The Land Of Myth And Legend 5/22/2013
20. True Friends Forever 5/22/2013
21. Rainbows 5/22/2013
22. Valentine's Day 5/22/2013
23. Navigating Uncharted Waters 5/22/2013
24. Beach Shells 5/22/2013
25. Robins 5/22/2013
26. True Love's Destiny 5/22/2013
27. You Will Forever Be In My Heart 5/22/2013
28. Prayer To The Great Goddess Hestia 5/22/2013

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Best Poem of Crystal Piatt

Prayer To The Great Goddess Hestia

O, Mighty Hestia,
daughter of the great Titans, Kronos and Rhea,
sister of the Queen and King of the Gods, Zeus and Hera.
Tender of the Hearth, nurturer of the familial flame,
Great Goddess, who presides over family and home,
look after the ones I treasure in my heart, their families and loved ones.
Watch over the as the sleep, as they dream.
Help them keep their families together, help them stay strong.
Ease their pain in times of sorrow and misery.
Allow hope to grow, joy to last.
I ask nothing for myself, but for them, for the ones I hold most dear, ...

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True Love's Destiny

Tied together in an everlasting bond,
Whether they are close or far.
Like the sparks at the tip of a wand,
Their love sparkles like a star.

Singing out with happiness and joy,
Their hearts beat in rhythm with each other.
They belong together, that girl and that boy.
For all eternity, they will be with one another.

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