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The pseudonym of someone who tried to access his old account, but could not. Perhaps it's just as well, because I've grown. I'm still pretty banal, though. You be the judge.
I happen to have Aspergers syndrome, if anyone's interested in knowing that (I don't mind people knowing, but it's not like I'll use it as a pick-up line or come-on ;)) .
Ulysses - James Joyce Updates

The Four Usurpers

The Usurpers seize and ruin our dreams of the perfect stranger
Though we are not outside – we feel that we are in great danger
Outsiders cannot exist if we are not inside ourselves
We have never fit these molds – we only measured their shelves

The First Usurper is Johnny Appleseed
His surname is Coleman, just like the family hearth
Grandpa John Reb hangs across from John Barleycorn
John Galt assumes role of “whipping boy for your scorn”

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