Curtis Mosby

Rookie (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Curtis Mosby Poems

1. Someone And Somewhere 3/11/2008
2. Black Ink On White Paper 3/14/2008
3. Sitting With The Devil 3/19/2008
4. Never Would Hurt A Fly 3/22/2008
5. Dictionary 3/23/2008
6. Love Magical Design 3/24/2008
7. The Absence Life Of Providence 3/25/2008
8. A Pregnancy Unwanted Of A Miscarriage 3/26/2008
9. Inside Weather 3/28/2008
10. The Musical Basement Of The Blues 3/28/2008
11. A Broken Man Dream 3/29/2008
12. Change Doesn'T Need A Leader 3/30/2008
13. Between The Spirit Of Israel And The Love Of Jordan 4/3/2008
14. Goodnight Wine 4/5/2008
15. When All The Flags Fall 4/7/2008
16. Upon The White Owl Of Cessation 4/8/2008
17. View's Of Existence Life Prosperity 4/10/2008
18. Compassionate Fixation Of Nonhuman Anguish 4/11/2008
19. Expression Of Deceptive Prophets 4/17/2008
20. Born To Walk To The Grave 4/20/2008
21. The Inner Difference Of Sight Beyond His Exterior. 4/24/2008
22. Why Are We Living In A World So Cruel. 4/29/2008
23. Trials Of My Deception 5/1/2008
24. The Intervention Of My Intuition 5/2/2008
25. An Inspired Love 5/6/2008
26. What Im Capable Of 5/9/2008
27. Megan Hair 5/14/2008
28. Who Would Do This 5/20/2008
29. Informercial Of Children Seen But Never Remebered 6/7/2008
30. Judge Thier No Sign Of Empathy 6/13/2008
31. Dead Oil Of This Soil 6/22/2008
32. A Love So Far In The Wind 6/23/2008
33. Once You Were A Child 6/24/2008
34. Written From The Beginning Of Time 6/24/2008
35. Leaving Our Marks In Life 6/25/2008
36. It's Not The Organ 6/27/2008
37. Waiting On Mother Nature 7/3/2008
38. Common News Of Depression 7/6/2008
39. World Of Women 1/31/2007
40. Often 1/31/2007
Best Poem of Curtis Mosby

Always Following The Abulance Home

After everyday of school.
Tradgie's leave me in tears.
The long hour's of sorrow continue tommorrow
when nobody thier.
I never learn to cry life give's us question.
As I wonder why?
A child so innocent and young.
Had to die in his mother arms.
I walk a mile and I can still hear the siren from a far.
What are these streets made of war.
So many outline bodie's of chalk.
That thier a grave where ever you walk.
I live with this everday but Im never alone.
It affect us all even if your strong.
My way home is to a blind man beat.
Underneath my feet it is...

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World Of Women

Women are the world as you feel embrace by thier passion.
The love that control thier heart is everlasting.
The tear's they shed are gift's.
Mourning for live's that can be worhtless and unfit.
In society never forgive or forget.
The beautiful warmth of given birth made by a woman.
Give you a sense of how strong she is in life.
To carry a child for nine month's, is like a flower baring a seed
untill it grow's enough for light.

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